Sunday, February 13, 2011

"I'm going to go check on the goats," said Marcia. Ten minutes later Marcia comes back running to get me. A baby goat had been born and was discovered by Marcia when she went to 'check on the goats'. Baby goats are the most adorable thing EVER. They're born with their little hooves first, then a little nose/mouth/tongue combo and BAM! Baby goat on the floor.

I ran to the barn with Marcia and helped keep watch over our new goat mom, Persephone. After popping a 'pregnancy bubble' and a pull later, we had two baby goats. One more pop and pull and there's three kid goats walking around! It was around this time that it was discovered that another goat, Edna, was going to be delivering her babies tonight as well. This time, however, I was going to be left in charge of the birth because Marcia had Valentines Dinner reservations with her hubby.

After quizzing me about what to do under different scenarios, she left and I felt powerful. Soon, a baby goat would be born to my hands. At this point all that was happening was the mucus like goop hanging out of her girl parts. Next would be the bubble, maybe another bubble, maybe another bubble after that and then the bubble with the baby in it. I continue my work of feeding all of the farm animals and check back regularly.

Looking over the gate, having been gone what felt like minutes, I see the bubble and a little hoof inside of it. This is THE bubble! I feel the rush of excitement take over my body as the thrill of having another baby goat in the room gallops about my mind. I already decided I wanted to be the best happy helper to this goat and make her birthing process as easy and pain free as possible. I stood there and watched, poked and prodded a bit.

As her contractions got closer together, the fear that also accompanies the thrill of having a baby goat born by you, began to set in. What happens if I fuck this up. This is a freakin life and I'm being in charge of it! I haven't gone to school for this...!! I called for Deleah who was in the milk room a short ways away. I needed reinforcements stat! We watched, poked and prodded some more. Edna was pushing more and more. Deleah poked around Edna's lady bits to see what baby goat position we were dealing with and was greeted by a not so gentle baby goat bite! It was right after this I put on my gloves and was pulling out a set of hooves, followed by the cutest little mouth with the cutest little tongue sticking out of it.

There was only one problem we could see now. Edna insisted on walking around. And there was now a baby goat dangling half in and half of Edna's body. The cry of life filled the room. Edna responded with her motherly goat noises, her baby still dangling half way out of her body. It was time for action. We pull the baby the rest of the way out and I pick it up and start swinging it from side to side gently trying to relieve it of any liquids in its lungs.

"DON'T MESS AROUND! DO IT HARDER! Don't mess around! IT'S DEAD! OH MY GOD IT'S DEAD!" Deleah had taken the baby out of my hands and was swinging it around the room trying to bring life to this baby goat that she swore was dead. I stood there stoopified. I had just been talking to this baby. I had just watched it lick its nose and talk while being thrusted out and sucked back in to its mom's body. There was no way it was dead. Deleah put it down on the towel and watched it freaked out and thinking it was dead still. I prodded at the baby, I knew life was in it and that it was still getting used to be out of the womb and in a stinky goat stall.

Baby goat began to move around on the towel.
"It's ALIVE! It's NOT dead! and it's a boy!" Joy overtook Deleah and we continued our process of 'goat delivery'- squeeze out it's nose and mouth to get rid of gunk, rub it with the towel and get it to suck on its mom's teat. Operation goat delivery was successful. A short hour later her second baby was born and could be found walking around with its sibling.

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