Monday, February 14, 2011

Last night I didn't sleep well. All I could think of was digging a hole for my little Annie pup. Her body has been in a bag laying in the hamper bed since Marcia brought her back from the vet's office. So, even though I didn't have a morning shift today I still found myself very much awake and in a manic state. The hole. I need to dig the hole. I needed to dig my hole before the other pups found my little Annie's body in the shed and started to tear her apart. They're nice little pups, but they like to shred anything they can get there little razor sharp teeth on.

I finally got her buried though. It was raining lightly when Deleah and I decided to go out and start digging. We dug and dug and dug. And after tons of rocks and a few feet into the ground later we decided it was deep enough. Then Deleah went to get the hamper bed that had Annie's body in it. It was then that I realized once more that she was really dead and that I wouldn't been seeing her anytime soon and started to cry again. As the tears started to roll down my face I became very protective. I wanted Annie pup to be buried correctly. I wanted her to have a respectable funeral. The hole was to have the sides straight and the bottom flat, like the kind of hole you would lower a casket into.

Once Deleah got back with the hamper she untied the bag Annie's body was in and then I, using another bag, reached in and picked up Annie's body and lay her in our freshly dug hole. I made sure she was comfortable and helped her into her puppy napping position. She would sleep on my bed, her feet curled up, her head on a paw. Naturally, that's how I positioned her. Her body now comfortable laying in the bottom of the hole, I said a few words. I told Annie how much I had grown to love her in the week we had shared together and that I hoped puppy heaven was a lot of fun. I then reached into the hole and gave her a final pat on the head, another "I love you Annie pup" and then began to toss dirt back into her hole.

Her body now rests under the ground and her grave is adorned with a tire we found nearby, a big beautiful mossy rock and a few smaller sized rocks to fill the area with.

I love my Annie pup and I won't soon forget her.

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