Friday, December 9, 2011

I have been back in California for almost two months, and boy does it feel like it! Since I sold my car last October I have been walking, using the bus and bumming rides to the places I need to be. It's tempting to go out and buy a car sometimes but I feel like I would be disappointed in myself. I love taking the bus and I love forcing myself into situations that I would never experience if I had a car right now. In these two months I have found a job, quit the job, cut my hair, not shaved my legs (ha!), enrolled in Spring college courses and have begun looking for another job and an apartment! whoo!

Anyways, this summer was amazing just like last years'. I made great relationships and had great adventures into the backcountry of northwest Wyoming. I won't soon forget it and, as usual, I can't wait until my next! :)

The day I left Grand Teton Nat'L park the mountains hid :(

Now I have a year (and then some) left in California and I will be all done with school and obligations here! Til then I am excited for the adventures I will have here in that time- an apartment, school classes, and whatever else comes my way!