Friday, December 9, 2011

I have been back in California for almost two months, and boy does it feel like it! Since I sold my car last October I have been walking, using the bus and bumming rides to the places I need to be. It's tempting to go out and buy a car sometimes but I feel like I would be disappointed in myself. I love taking the bus and I love forcing myself into situations that I would never experience if I had a car right now. In these two months I have found a job, quit the job, cut my hair, not shaved my legs (ha!), enrolled in Spring college courses and have begun looking for another job and an apartment! whoo!

Anyways, this summer was amazing just like last years'. I made great relationships and had great adventures into the backcountry of northwest Wyoming. I won't soon forget it and, as usual, I can't wait until my next! :)

The day I left Grand Teton Nat'L park the mountains hid :(

Now I have a year (and then some) left in California and I will be all done with school and obligations here! Til then I am excited for the adventures I will have here in that time- an apartment, school classes, and whatever else comes my way!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Everyday that I work I am asked what I do.
Obviously, I am a host in a Wyoming
They want more than that.
They want to know what I do outside of hosting.

Am I a student?
Did I graduate?
Where do I live?

Depending on who is asking the question, the answer can go either of two ways:
-I am a college student and have about a year left. I'm studying Human Development
-I am taking time off of school and am traveling and learning through life experience rather than textbooks

Also depending on who I am speaking to, I may throw in how most of my friends have graduated and are still working at their local yogurt shop...just to make my point a bit stronger. 

I get a few responses, but the ones I enjoy the most are when I am told that I can get anywhere just from my smile. Apparently, I have a smile that will take me places.

"Honey, with a smile like that, you'll get anywhere. You're far ahead of most people."

Friday, April 22, 2011

While being out completely on my own the past few months I have learned quite a bit. I have learned how to speak up for myself  while at the very same time how to let things go.

As a wwoofer I was given the opportunity to see life in a whole new way. I experienced many things that I would have never even known existed. Making food, sharing space, working hard, and having conversation with so many individuals was my favorite part of the experience. I made friends from all around the United States and even the world, and was welcomed by complete strangers to share in a part of their life.

Being on my own also gave me more guts and a far greater realization that I can really do things on my own. It takes a little work, a lot of courage and optimism, but I can do it. I can create my path and succeed. I can do it!

Now I'm just thinking about the plane ride that I will be facing on Sunday...It will surely be better than the bus and the train, but it's going to test me. It always does. But I'm ready for it.


Monday, April 18, 2011

It's official. My week at Deer Creek Farm in Sheridan, Oregon has come to an end. Tomorrow I'll be driven to Salem and be on my way back to Southern California. It's not a trip I'm looking forward to, but a trip that I know I can enjoy. After a day on a bus being home will be nice, but I'm glad I'll only be there to enjoy it for a few days, because any longer and I'll go slightly insane.

Things I'm mostly looking forward to at home consist of coffee shops, my sisters and my pup Zayda. Throw in a few friends and I'm set to leave again.

Sunday morning I'm off to Ohio to begin the next portion of my adventure. I call it SUMMER LOVIN'. To me that means that I get to be loved up, love where I am, and just love living. Sounds pretty nice, right? I thought so. So yeah, countdown to Sunday begins! Six days!

Friday, April 15, 2011

me and Brewster
Patty and Scott are great company to have, I'm beyond glad they are here to hang out and help feed the animals with me. They are wonderful people who have funny vulgar mouths and love to cook.

Today Patty and I hung out all morning. I made oatmeal and watched Criminal Minds while snuggling with the cats and dogs. Then I took out the piles of trash from inside the house to outside in a horse trailer. Afterward I took a nap and listened to some music. It was a very nice morning, minus the rain that's been coming down for the past two days.

When I woke up from my nap I got my dirty clothes back on and went out to the horse barn to start cleaning stalls and filling waters. The horses were being extra funny today. Lips were curling up, whinnies were being heard, and bodies were rubbing up against me. Along with that was the playful behavior of them taking the rakes out of my hands, tipping over the poop buckets and trying to eat my clothes. I wasn't too sure about miniature horses the first day I met them, but now I am really starting to warm up to them. They're like goats, just a little bigger and without horns and with beautiful fluffy manes. After feeding the horses I met up with Patty again and we went out to the alpaca barn to feed all of those weird looking animals. I managed to make amends with Smokey, the evil Llama, and he mostly left me alone and kept his spitting for Patty.

Now after finishing all of our feeding chores Patty and I went back inside to meet up with Scott who made us dinner! Delicious chicken with delicious rice with a little bit of delicious asparagus and swig of delicious wine to wash down all of the deliciousness.

I love great days with great funny people who yell at dogs with lines like "for goddamn jesus fucking tits!". Definitely characters. Definitely good company. Definitely a fun and interesting day.

Tomorrow we're going into town and then I have my work cut out for me! I have a list of chores I still need to get done before Matt and Marguerite get back from their show. Whew! Night ya'all.

Scott, Me, Patty!