Friday, April 22, 2011

While being out completely on my own the past few months I have learned quite a bit. I have learned how to speak up for myself  while at the very same time how to let things go.

As a wwoofer I was given the opportunity to see life in a whole new way. I experienced many things that I would have never even known existed. Making food, sharing space, working hard, and having conversation with so many individuals was my favorite part of the experience. I made friends from all around the United States and even the world, and was welcomed by complete strangers to share in a part of their life.

Being on my own also gave me more guts and a far greater realization that I can really do things on my own. It takes a little work, a lot of courage and optimism, but I can do it. I can create my path and succeed. I can do it!

Now I'm just thinking about the plane ride that I will be facing on Sunday...It will surely be better than the bus and the train, but it's going to test me. It always does. But I'm ready for it.


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