Sunday, August 14, 2011

Everyday that I work I am asked what I do.
Obviously, I am a host in a Wyoming
They want more than that.
They want to know what I do outside of hosting.

Am I a student?
Did I graduate?
Where do I live?

Depending on who is asking the question, the answer can go either of two ways:
-I am a college student and have about a year left. I'm studying Human Development
-I am taking time off of school and am traveling and learning through life experience rather than textbooks

Also depending on who I am speaking to, I may throw in how most of my friends have graduated and are still working at their local yogurt shop...just to make my point a bit stronger. 

I get a few responses, but the ones I enjoy the most are when I am told that I can get anywhere just from my smile. Apparently, I have a smile that will take me places.

"Honey, with a smile like that, you'll get anywhere. You're far ahead of most people."