Friday, September 10, 2010

It started as one of those days. I layed in bed. I didn't want to get up. So I layed there some more. Eventually I had to get up. So I did. So I went to the living room. I sat. I looked at the remote. I stared at the blank television. Then I stared outside at the grass and the light and our retarded dogs galloping about. I then looked at the remote again and flicked on the teli. My dreams then started to perculate, like they usually do. Today's show was called Alone In the Wilderness. You should be able to guess where I went from there...that's right. I want to live alone in the wilderness for a little while. Or at least I did. I think I would bring a friend, or friends. But definitely be in the heart of some wonderful forest fending for life right alongside the porcupines and centipedes.

After finishing that show I continued on to the next. It was about random animal facts and tests of human ability and did you know that at least 4% of greenhouse gasses are the result of Cows burping? Neither did I! And it's true. Anyways, I don't like tv that much so I turned it off and started researching bicycles again. Oh yeah, I've been researching bicycles. I'm tiring of my car. And I have too much time on my hands to be traveling that fast. And I need to be more fit. And I like riding bikes. So it's about time I have my own good bike to be best friends with. I went to three bike stores today and compared selections and prices and touched all the bikes I wanted. Even rode a few. I'm probably going to get a Trek 7.2 fx. And I don't like girl bikes. They're ugly. And unappealingly slow. And an old man that worked at one of the bike stores tried to push one of those girl bikes at me and I looked him in the eye and told him that I can perform. I'm not buying a bike to ride around the block, asshole.

Eventually I ended back home. I took a shower. Which leads me to the song by The Ting Tings. You may know it. It's called "That's Not My Name." I felt horrible for this girl, I always do, because people don't remember her name. Which makes me people remember my name?! And the answer is yes. People remember my name to the point if someone calls me Christine and not Christina I am going to purposely forget their name. Do you know why? Because people remember my name and I don't need to put up with "Christine" me a bitch. Also, while I was taking my shower, specifically when I was undressing, it made me think of this morning again. I went hippy for the first three quarters of my day. No bra. And I was wearing a tank top. And I kept my greasy semi-tangled hair. It felt really good, let me tell you. Um, it felt really good... It made me miss summer even more. I could do shit like that everyday and nobody thought twice about it because that's who I was out there. I was Christina. I was messy curly hair and a smile. I was the same outfit for days at a time. And I was insanely happy.

I think people here at "home" can go to learn some tolerance and acceptance. If I did anything like what I did in Yellowstone my own family would turn on me. Do you know how I know? Because they did.

"That doesn't match"
"You wore that yesterday"
"Are you going out like that?"
"omg, you're hair" (not in a nice way)

My response starting today is "puh." I'm going to continue on my fitness trend. I'm going to do things the way I want. And eventually, I will be out of here again. Rural life was the way to go.

Peach out,