Sunday, September 20, 2009

I hate cleaning my room, and my car for that matter. I like the clutter and mess. The things upon things scattered every which way.

To me it feels welcoming, like "hey, come lay in my rubble, I'm warm and inviting" instead of "I love the dentist. Being overly sterile and smelling boring is my specialty."

...not that my room has a stench or anything. I mean, it smells like stuff, and stuff. But not...bad.

p.s.- I got to see Mason Jennings today. He was GREAT! and I got my poster signed AND a picture with him. I was shaking when he put his arm around me I was so excited. Seriously, music turns me on. I can't help it. Just talk about music and I will love you. LA LA LA LOVE you.

P.s again- On tuesday I get to get the new Sea Wolf album AND the Noisettes' album. STOKED.

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