Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Found In the Archives From Earlier In summer. Much of it still rings true.

A relaxing morning. Say what? You don’t think I have those? Well, think again! Waking up at 9:47am, I decided to linger in my bed for an additional thirteen minutes to make it 10am. None of those messy “ I woke up at 9:47”’s for me, aight?

So I wake up, get up, and check out what I’m wearing. I’m WEARING something. Sometimes, I swear, I change in my sleep. I went to bed in, well, um, nothing. Because I was too lazy to find something to throw on for sleeping in. I woke up with my black running shorts and black v-neck on. Maybe I woke up half-asleep and needing to use the bathroom and decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put some clothes on to scurry down the hallway in. I applaud myself.

So I got up wearing my running apparel and went straight to the computer. Gotta check my e-mail folks! I get several spam ads and non-sense, but very urgently needing to be tended to type e-mails. Then I check my blog updaters, and

My new recent decisions.

I’m never going to move out of my mom’s house, but always will complain about living with my mom.

I’m going to do CSULB parttime, and take a nonsense outside of LBSU class and get a job. Hahaha, I always say that, but it’s been a year since I’ve had a real job. I crack me up. But, no, seriously, I will get a job. I PROMISE myself I will.

I will try to be a better friend to my friends. I enjoy being alone way too much, but I need to get out and mingle with people. I go through my phases of being around people, to being by myself and then to working all the time to working never, and it goes around and around.

My goal right now is to somehow transform my secret obsession of websites into a job. Make it appealing to someone else and get moneyyyyyy (which I desperately need) ((have I ever mentioned how much I dislike money? Because I do.)) (((REALLY HATE MONEY)))

Other notes to mention.
As poor as I am, I am going to manage to save my money and visit my friend in Washington. As poor as I am I am going to watch a show every month, even if I need to go by myself. As poor as I am, I am going to update my wardrobe which consists of clothes from… a long time ago. I am going to try to not ban my dad from my life because I am super pissed at him for marrying a gold-digging blonde ----gonna stop there. I am going to join an exercise class because I have really enjoyed the process of getting back into shape.

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