Sunday, June 28, 2009


I attempted to make Udon soup tonight. By make I mean boil water, add Udon-ness and the little flavor packet and serve. Somehow I made it wrong, or so it seemed. I boiled the water, then I added the noodles. It just...didn't look right. The noodles weren't all in water and THAT seemed odd. I made it work though, I just, you know, swirled them around til they separated and then added a flava flav and poured it all in a bowl. YUMMO!

Then, as an encore, I ate some string cheese. MmmMmmm cheese!

Now? Probably will get a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with ALMONDS! served with soy milk, not milk milk.

Seriously, such a great night. I mean, what can get better than, like, making dinner and having a night in? And YES, I CAN say that I made dinner because I added ingredient(s) and didn't cruise through a drive-thru. Not that I normally go to fast food places. I usually just starve, in case you were wondering. And not because I want to be skinny (although I wouldn't mind that) but because I don't want to clean up dishes, or wait for water to boil.

On another note. Who wants to serenade me? Anyone?
...thanks :)

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