Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First off, I get to keep Zayda! It took almost losing him to another family for reality to hit my mom that if he goes away he doesn't live here anymore! I'm glad it's working out that he gets to live with my mom permanently now and that I can go off on my way knowing he is somewhere safe and loving. My entire family loves him and many people check into the house to play with him during the week.

With that stress out, it brings me to my current question of Train or Plane?
I finalized my start date in Washington for the 28th of this month and now I need to decide and book my travel. If I take the train it will take me a day and a half to get to Seattle. If I take a plane it will take two and a half hours. The train would give me a chance to put a check mark next to that line of 'go for a train ride'. I like public transportation and the many things it can do for people and though sitting on a seat for a long period of time in a vessel on a track can sound slightly...unappealing, it sounds like a fun adventure. Another thing I'm taking into consideration is my 22nd birthday, which is next wednesday. Do I want to be around people I know on my birthday or will being around 'strangers' be alright with me on that day. But then again, I'm not much of a celebrator when it comes to traditional holidays or traditional stuff. I am more of a happy go lucky celebrate random things and have random celebrations when they feel needed and that often doesn't occur on designated days of celebration. So maybe I will leave on my birthday, or the day before, actually. Exciting!

Life has a lot of change and lot of room for improvement and growth. I like that. Actually, I LOVE that. I'm ready to be out wandering by myself and learning how to get around independent of others. I went through my stuff again to see what I want to take with me, which is not much. Now I have to pack the stuff I would probably need in the future and donate the rest of it. It's slightly nerve racking that my journey is going to be me, my backpack and whatever I want to put in my backpack! And a happy face, of course. Still I need to get some warmer layers, some boots and a pocket knife. Yeah, a pocket knife...yipes!

Today I also chopped my hair off! No longer is it all the way down my back. It now rests at my shoulders, just long enough to be in a pony tail. It was a slightly impulsive decision. I walked in to a salon, made my one request for hair long enough to be in a pony tail, and walked out with short hair!

With so much change in the air I can't help but to breathe in deep and enjoy it!

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