Sunday, January 23, 2011

And they thought it was funny

Every so often I see my dad. Today happened to be one of those days because the 'every so oftens' also usually correlates with a special event or holiday. If you have been keeping up with my life then you will know that soon will be a special event (me leaving school and the state) and my personal holiday (birthday) So, naturally, it was time to see my dad.

We began the night by meeting at his new almost up-scale home in fashionable Laguna Beach at a dinnerly time (7pm). We then went to a different fashionable city (Dana Point) to have a finger licking good dose of BBQ, with some vegetables on the side. It was nice to see my dad, have a good meal, a good beer to go with the good meal and to have some other wonderful people around me too-sisters, sister's friend, step-brother, step-mom (the usual)

Lets get to where the story thickens: And They Thought It Was Funny
At this meal there was the passing of Christmas presents (to me) because I had neglected to visit on Christmas. It was during this passing of  presents that I received The Pants. I capitalized The Pants because they are that important. It began as a joke, a gag gift, if you may. But ended in a huge smile and a "I can't wait to wear these out in the REEEEAAAAL world!" in a high pitched very enthusiastic voice, MY voice.

The Pants are wool. They are striped green and yellow. They have little polka dots. They sit (if you wear them correctly) high above the belly button. And they are mine. And I love them and they look good with my new Guess rubber boots that I bought at Macy's for 50% off to wear at my new soon to be location: Goat Farm.

Pants that were given to me as a gag gift, I think gagging me for what they have interpreted as my new hippy way of life, were welcomed with open arms. The Pants are kind of weird, a lot ridiculous but very much reputation making as what I would interpret as 'this girl has chutspa' and they may make me feel better for having to leave behind all of my shiny decorations as I begin my journey in a few days. I won't have decorations for my room, so I will adorn my body in fashionable decor these new striped and spotted wool pants.

I feel my wardrobe is now complete.
I feel like I may be off on my way.
I feel ahhhhmazing

And they don't even itch.

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