Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watching Oprah with my mom has become part of my typical day... again. When I am home, anyway. It makes me feel like I have gone back in time and am in high school again...

the show that I watched today was about marriage and sex and love in different countries: Denmark, Egypt, Ukraine and India. I learned that Denmark is more about equality and you don't have to get married and it's fine to live with a boyfriend forever. Egypt has a great divide between the conservative and liberals- to be veiled or not, to wait or not to wait. One thing that was very much divided though was that once you're married, a man can say he wants a divorce out loud and BAM he's divorced. A woman has to go through trial. Hmmm. Then in Ukraine girls want to get married and be taken care of by their husbands, and in India it's all the rage to have an arranged marrriage and learn how to love the other person during your married time. To say the least, I have found this all to be very interesting.

...where does the United States sit in all of this?

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