Saturday, November 7, 2009

Half asleep on my bed, the faint sound of a voice rang through my head. Hmmm, I thought. Just hmmm. I had gone to school to take a quiz and then rushed back to enjoy my humble, but oh so cozy, twin sized bed. Wrapped up in my tie-dye blanket, nothing could disturb me. Not a woman's voice, not a man's voice, nothing. That is, except for the godly voice of a barista. I know that voice of a barista anywhere.

I blinked my eyes, thinking.
I rolled over immediately and looked in the direction of the doorway...waiting for what comes next. you want us to get you anything from starbucks?

My sister busted out laughing, not being able to hold it back anymore. Apparently she had been the first voice that I blew off and ignored, and Harold, ohhh Harold, was the second voice. She was laughing at not just how pitiful I looked wrapped up on my bed in a half comatose state, but how I immediately responded to Harold's voice. I had to defend myself.

Juli, stop laughing!
Because it's not funny! You are not comparable to Harold.
-and why is that?
Harold is a god, Juli. He is a BARISTA!
-ohhh a Bariiiiiiiiista
YES! and a God. I can't help but to give any barista my fullest attention, and a little more. They're all so attractive, it doesn't matter male or female, ugly or supremely attractive...although the more male and the more attractive the easier it is... POINT!? Barista=God, Harold=Barista, Harold= Godly. You have a keeper, my dearest sister. Keep him.
-so you can tell that he is a barista by his voice?
Juli, a Barista's voice rings out to me. They're godly. One of a kind. You obviously don't understand...

suddenly Harold interrupts which made me stop listening to my sister and gaze admiringly at him. "do you want a cold or hot drink?"

As I stared at him, I couldn't help but to notice the glow, the aura, if I may, that enveloped his body. "Any drink you get for me will be wonderful. Something to make me feel less shitty would be nice...I trust you...God. You are my barista. My drink is in your hands...."

I rolled back into my cocoon on my bed and awoke to a beverage being thrust into my delicate fingers. I sat up and inquired what had been chosen for me. A warm lemonade with mint tea and two packets of honey. Yummmmm. It was like a better version of Warm Apple Cider and made my throat feel nice. You may be able to compare it to a cough drop, but a really really good liquid cough drop.

Point to the story?
I love baristas and can't help but to flirt with them no matter where I go. They know a craft and I cannot help but to respect that, and want some of that...ahaha at first sip.

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