Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I was filling out the LBCC registration online just now, and OH it made me mad. Apparently I can't finish the application unless I click a button declaring what ethnicity I am.

ummm, last I checked, I don't identify with anything and it doesn't have a mutt button. Or even an Americanized button, for that matter. 3rd generation button?

F U registration.

I'm not white, i'm not Mexican, i'm not Japanese, i'm not Italian, black, Filipino, or any of that. Just me, thanks. Also, white and black, those are colors, not ethnicities. I mean, really?!

...maybe I'll lie and put Samoan, or everything for that matter.
"well, I'm part of the... salad bowl...have you heard of it?"
...or maybe I'd be better off with the oh so wrong melting pot and say I just melted everyone into me?

happy now?

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