Monday, October 19, 2009

Earlier this week I learned that there are two types of people that leave school:

"Taker Breakers" and "Giver Uppers."

Now, "Taker Breakers" are people that need to regroup. They're not losers in the loser-ish sense because they're trying to find themselves and get the focus they so desperately need. "Taker Breakers" will be back. Be it a semester, a year or a few years. They will be back. They just really need a break! You betcha little heart though, that when they come back it's going to be full throttle and they're gonna OWN their campus.

Then there's the "Giver Uppers." The "Giver Uppers" are the losers in the most loser-ish way. They threw their hands up in the air and said OY! swore of school and ran of campus never looking back, never trying to their fullest potential. Hiding from life's challenges.

To be quite honest, I don't really understand the second group. Because I am wanting to be apart of the "Taker Breaker" group and not the "Giver Uppers" one. I was schooled on both of these by my new man friend last week and he said that is better to be apart of the first group because it makes you feel better and keeps school in the picture...sorta. At least, that's what was mumbled on the phone, sorta.

School, you need to stop being so miserable and depressing. Friends, you can keep doing what you want at school because I enjoy seeing you at school. But SCHOOL, you really need to get your act together because I'm ready to Swear you off for awhile and take my break. You're total Bullshit right now. And teachers?! Get yo' shit together too! Students are supposed to procrastinate and get in trouble NOT the teachers.

Love to hate you and Hate to love you,

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