Wednesday, September 30, 2009

[please excuse my language]

A country made upon choice. We get to choose everything. Choose health care, insurance, housing, cars, sandwiches, ketchup, mustard, clothing, and the list goes on. We have so many options. We are a country based upon capitalism; business. If we can sell something, you bet that there will be MANY businesses trying to sell the (basically) same thing, just packaged and marketed differently. [ramble goes on]

Well, usually, I complain. I complain that we have too much shit to choose from.

But you see, I wasn't complaining about the many different types of writing utensils that I was once able to choose from. No, I was not complaining about that. I think that we should bring back the market for pens and permanent markers----where is it going?! Everywhere I go it's the same...cut backs and well, going away.

Fucking laptops and printers.
you're ruining my written world.
and by written I am referring to HANDwritten and not typed. this.

Dear stores/companies,
cut back on the many different brands of ketchup and mustard, the horribly horrible 8 X 10 paper and give us instead more notebooks of 8 1/2 x 11 college rule notebooks and fine point pens in amazing colorful colors that write so smooth and seductively. Create permanent markers that don't bleed into the other side of the paper and rid yourselves of those nasty ball point pens that aren't so ball pointy and cut into precious paper like an exacto knife.

Please, do this my lovely stores that like stationary and things that are actually important like that. Please, please, I beg you.

Fuck the condiments; Love the stationary & pens!

p.s.- this was all brought on by one bad trip to Rite Aid/Staples where the selection of everything that I enjoy buying was in bad shape- pens & paper. Where the FUCK did you go?!

yours truly,


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