Saturday, July 11, 2009

My human spirit is kind of like this. You have to think out of the box about it though, obviously. If you have any questions about that I would be more than happy to clarify.

Today my best friend is leaving for three months.
Today I have to ask my mom if I can move into her house
Today I will figure out loans so I can move into an apartment and pay for school.
Today I will get a job job so I can be an "adult" and work a lot of hours
Today I quadruple booked my day= oops!

Today is the beginning of ...the rest of my life? eh, not yet. I'll have one soon though. I promise. I will also delve into the story of me having to start a new life soon too. We can sum it up with one phrase/word/sound= GAAAAHHHHHHHH!

idk, my bff Jill?!

Love yoooouuu,

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