Friday, July 17, 2009

Life is life.

It is a fact that some people's lives are more strenuous or difficult than others, but if you grew up with it than wouldn't it become easier? I find it annoying when people complain about their lives being too hard or busy when, well, you can change it.

You can simplify, cut back and live a little less cutting edge.

Stop complaining abut the life that YOU CREATED. If it is so hard, find a way to change it up. It's possible. Do it. ESPECIALLY if you live in California. There are SO many resources available if you choose to look for them. But if you're the one choosing your lifestyle that is creating so much pain, stress and hardship...don't come to me to whine to. I am not interested.
thanks. <3

frick people.

On another note.
Me and my cousin have begun our weekly wednesday date night. We go the local budget theater where we have $10 date night- 2 movie tickets, 2 popcorns and 2 sodas! It gives us our time to relax and enjoy a movie and each others company, chit chat about whatever is on our minds and let loose.

So far on our date nights we have watched I Love You, Man and Drag Me To Hell. I enjoyed both. One for its comical edge and perspective on life, and the other for its cheesy horror edge and wonderful one liners that I can quote for days.

Other than that.
  • I am taking up running again. I will buy my running shoes tonight at my sister's work and then proceed to find activities in which I will use these said shoes.
  • I am almost moved back into my mother's place of residence where I will hopefully thrive until it comes time to move into an apartment in Long Beach- my preferred future place of residence.
  • I have been enjoying the act of eating cheese...and ham and cheese croissants.
  • work has consumed my life. I've been working with a family almost everyday from 9 to 5. Talk about busy! I get off, hang out somewhere/with someone and then go home and sleep.

In the future.
I want to go on an adventure.
It's been rather difficult to do anything without my best friend Chelsey. She is unfortunately out of the state for three months, so I will have to busy myself somehow until then. I think that I have been doing pretty well so far, but once the school year begins I will miss her company even more. We used to have breakfasts and coffees and after school BRCs and all sorts of other novelties together. that revolved around school. That, and she was supposed to take half my classes. KIDDING! ...or so she thought.

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