Friday, June 5, 2009

My friend decided to go to Yosemite with some other friendish people. I didn't go, obviously. Now I have several days (until TUESDAY) to kill, probably by myself.

Here's what I did today...

-woke up at 10am

-went to 7/11 with my sister and bought a slurpee

-took the bus to Bolsa Chica wetlands, with my backpack, and took pictures and shot mini videos for my next boredom project.

-Walked from the wetlands to the beach and tanned for thirty minutes. (yes, I wore my swimsuit)

-Took the bus BACK to my home, I was back by flippin THREE.

-Hung out with my sister and her boyfriend. We made carne asada tacos, apple martinis and ate salsa. Then we went to a coffee shop and listened to some live music. I'm "catching up" on my internet. It's not even ten yet. FML.

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