Friday, June 5, 2009

I enjoy watching squirrels scramble about.
That old man gave me an odd look. I shot one right back at him. SO WHAT IF I WAS VIDEO TAPING A SQUIRREL! ...stop judging me.
Ropes show the age of time and remind me of the sea.
Very nauti(cal).
I enjoy signs.
Green means GO. in GO away.
Throwing caution to the wind.
Who's that?
Grandpa birds make me smile. See the old man-ish feathers?
I thought it was going to be a hippy/gangster couple. I talked to them later. I think they're from Louisiana, or something.
...not as cool.
More signs. More enjoyment.
The tagging was a bonus, I enjoy that too.
Focus on the now, and let the future come on its own.
The future is so...blurry.
So lets just forget about it.
...and I said, "what are you? SHREK?"
Get out of my swamp anyone?
who's that?
The gate to nowhere.

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