Monday, May 4, 2009

Spontaneous Coastal Adventure Re-cap.

It was 2pm and I was still in my pajamas (or equivalent clothing) moping in my room...when my dearest friend called me.


I quickly stepped into my pants that were there on the floor (freshly stepped out of from yesterday) , changed my top, pony tail'd the hair and tamed it with a headband, found jacket, purse and keys and rushed out the door.

Our plan? HEAD TO THE COAST AND GO NORTH! wherever the road could take us.

Well, it took us all the way to Malibu.

I had the most enjoyable time talking, taking pictures, wandering the road/land and being free. I can't wait until the summer arrives and we can make our day adventures into DAYS by adding some camping and hostile action, maybe a hotel or two.

Overall? A great day.


  1. i am considering updating the blog that i have created years ago & never wrote in. i thought i would tell you cause you would probably be the only one to read it! still deciding though.