Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mini Horse/Alpaca Farm in Oregon!

Now in Oregon, my life for the week is that of an Alpaca/Mini Horse farmer. I have spent my days so far cleaning out horse stalls, staring at Alpacas and running away from one of their evil llama's named Smokey. Marguerite and Matt, the owners of the farm, are amazing and fun and feed me chips and wine, which I do not mind at all.

My first day on the farm I got to learn feeding schedules. I was so very tired from being on the bus all day, but I had a lot of fun. The horses whinnie and the Alpacas have intimidating teeth and the Llama spit!

My second day I helped clean and organize a horse trailer, cleaned their center aisle of the horse barn, cleaned a majority of the horse stalls and emptied at least ten buckets worth of mini horse poop in the process. By the end of the night I was ready to sleep. And sleep I did!

Now, the end of my third day, I am very tired AGAIN! It's a great feeling. Today I accompanied Matt to a nearby farm to retrieve some horses and horse show stuff. This basically means that I rolled two horse carts, and carried a bunch of jumps and poles and horse saddles up a huge hill where the trailer waited. I then came back to the house, had lunch and then cleaned all fifteen mini horse stalls and emptied some alpaca poop buckets. During stall cleaning I also had some sun breaks where I laid around with the dogs on various pieces of wood whenever the rain/hail storm broke and the sun shined down on us. After I finished the stalls and Matt finished grooming his horses, we had some coffee and left to meet up with some of his clients for horse training.

Tomorrow Matt and Marguerite leave for a horse show! I will be at their home to keep the animal stalls clean and do some spring cleaning out around the farm. It should be pretty fun as well as leisurely. I'm rather excited.

Pictures will be up as soon as I actually take some, and real stories will follow soon after!

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