Friday, February 5, 2010

This morning I woke up and just knew it was raining. The sun didn't feel bright and the air felt sleepy, so I opened my door and sure enough the pitter patter of rain met my ears.

My dog had to go out though!
Our options? Long walk or dog park.

Next thing you know, we are hopping into my car and doing a drive by the dog park to see if anyone is there. I glance in the parking lot. It's like a ghost town. We keep driving. As soon as I pass the entrance to the park the barking begins and the whine that breaks my heart sounded loudly throughout the vehicle. He was devastated. I turned around and we pulled into the dog park entrance. It was just the two of us.

Now what do I do? Well, I pretend to be a dog! I start chasing and twirling and running and throwing balls and being crazy while the rain is pouring down on us and I can barely see through my eyelashes and I'm sopping wet. I run and I run and I run. And then finally after thirty minutes of playing by ourselves, someone else shows up. Then they run and run and run. And we run and run and run. Slowly a few more people came, but none of them stayed long. They couldn't handle the mud and the rain and slipping and sliding.

An hour and a half later me and my little amigo were ready to leave. My jeans, sweatshirt and running shoes were caked in mud. My hair was frizzing out the sides of my pony tail, rain drops making streams down my face and yet I had a smile plastered from side to side. I really enjoy getting disgustingly dirty. I look down at my little buddy. He has dirt all over his face and caked into his feet and his underbody is so low to the ground all of his little chest hairs are completely covered too. He's a few shades darker then when we had arrived and his quick pant and tongue hanging out his mouth tells me that he had a great time.

We looked at each other, got in my car (dirt and all) and went home.

We had had a great morning. 

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