Monday, October 12, 2009

& this is my life.

I went to one of my usual Starbuck's Saturday night before I had to go to work and there was one of the regular workers working, obviously. This would be typical being that I was a regular at this Starbucks and am rather familiar with the Starbuck employees.

So. There I am. At my Starbucks. When the worker who I have dubbed "the Prince" the one that evolves from the Beast from Beauty and the Beast comes out of the backroom. He seriously looks just like him. Well, Prince has been admiring me from afar for quite some time. Or so it seems. He tends to freeze, choke up on his words, get flustered/antsy whenever I go there while he's working. I've talked to him a couple of times, but usually I'm rushing to work and run out the door.

The last time I had spoken to him I was going to Washington later in the night and he and his co-worker wished me luck. So yesterday, I was waiting at the register when he came out from the backroom. He had started making a drink, but then saw me waiting and abandoned drink and came to the register where he stood quite awkwardly with mouth agape.

A line formed.

He stood there. Mouth agape. Not saying anything.

Me: Ummm, hi. Can I have this (place starbucks energy drink on counter) and an Iced Coffee with some sort of sugar-free sweetner in it?

Him: Uhhhhhhhhhh

Me: Here's Five dollars, I don't know how much it is...

Him: How was Washington? I remember you were going there...I'm in a band!

Me: Cool. much is it?

Prince decided to make a very awkward move on me. He didn't charge me for the iced coffee. So I only had to pay for the energy drink. But then I didn't know how to act. Do I owe him something now? Conversation?

I grabbed my energy drink and went to the pick-up side of the counter. And stood.
Coffee maker man/barista looked at me wondering what was going on as well. I didn't have a clue. And I had to go to work, on account of this is the coffee place I go to before I go to work! And I was late! So, I stood there for a moment until my drink popped up. I thought about what I should do, and then walked by the register spit out a hasty "hey, thanks for the drink!" and bolted out the door.

Now on my mind is...what do I do the next time I see him? Was I rude? Did I hurt his feelings?
I really find the whole situation kind of funny because I've been in that situation myself. Like, right now there's a dreadlocked beauty in one of my classes, and somehow I managed to get myself into a group and even study one on one with him! POINT, though, is that I stutter all the time in his presense. And it's not at all like I have a crush on him, but that I admire his smartness and eco-friendly look.

Overall point, is that I can be awkward. But anyone that knows me knows that. It's one of the many qualities that makes my company so greatly enjoyed by the masses.

But, yeah, I wonder what happens next, because I'm not really interested in getting to know him anymore. I've been going there for over a year now and he's just finally starting to talk to me. No thanks. And I was talking to my adult friend today and she said something along the lines of "but didn't you think he was cute/kind of like him?" and then I said "yeah, but opportunities don't last forever. You gotta jump on it, or it'll pass you by. His oppurtunity has passed. I don't wait forever." That, and I'm sorta interested in something else at the moment. No comment.

Awkward story


  1. dude, I've got Ohio. SB Prince missed his chance, f'sho. I'm basically called for.