Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Something is trying to get me to open my eyes into what is going on. Two boys, from two years in two days. GO. AWAY. No more please. If you shove another boy in my path tomorrow I'm just going to smack them and LET THAT BE A SIGN TO YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE! NO MORE.


Other than that... I got a Disneyland pass from my mother today. I wanted to bop every annoying kid on the head as I walked down the Main street to take the picture for the pass. I also picked up cd that I pre-ordered from the local record store, drank a lot of coffee and did some journaling. Then I got my eyebrows did so that I can feel like a girl, again.

Now I'm hanging out with a friend and then another friend and then another other friend. Distractions galore.

Optimism and happy thoughts.
Laughter and smiles.
Avoiding the dark colored clothing for awhile.

I need to not be so pessimistic so soon.


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