Wednesday, September 23, 2009

While I was driving home today I was thinking how it must really suck to grow up not knowing how to use the restroom by yourself and being confined to a diaper. Add to that explosive diarrhea. It must really suck to get explosive diarrhea and have to sit in it all warm and gross until someone tends to you. But then I was also thinking, would you mind it as much if you don't have a concept of discomfort and don't know anything else?

...thinking of that gives me the jeebies. It's days like these I'm glad I'm neuro-typical.

On another note.
Today I was babysitting and we were going out on an outing to visit the little boy's grandma. I opened the car trunk to put his backpack in there and when I went to close it, I forgot to check for fingers. I guess I was preoccupied. You probably guessed it already, but I shut the trunk on little people fingers.

Did I feel bad? Yeah, I did.
It was hard to keep calm, and it was unbearable seeing him hurting. Accidents happen though, and I'm glad his fingers are ok. They don't even look bruised or anything. Little kids and healing abilities are amazing.

But anyways, I gave him a hug, said that I was sorry and then was very cautious from then on out with anything that had to be open and shut. Never again will this happen.

On another other note.
I had dinner with my dad tonight. It went quite well. We talked about human rights and information databases. It was really interesting. We stayed away from sore subjects like...our daily lives and personal conflicts and stuff. So all in all it was a pleasant experience. He leaves for business for three weeks so it'll be another long while until I see him again. Glad it left off on good terms.

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