Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happiness. I am exuding it, often. More often than I was before. Before being summer. My other favorite friend is back in the LBC and it really puts me at a greater ease. To have that friend where you can just lounge and sit and do stuff but not have to do stuff- that's what a great friend is to me. So, I've been really happy.

I've also been really happy because I get to see my best friend on FRIIIIIDAAAAAAAY in Washington, the state. I hear it's going to be very cold. Like, very VERY cold. I was told to bring a heavy jacket- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (good luck to meeee)

On another note.
I've just been happy.
I'm glad school started.
I'm excited to only be taking two classes.
My favorite reading sections have expanded from Biography to Psychology and the likes.

Lets see what happens this week!

Oh, and yesterday I watched Paper Heart, finally! I said it was 7.5/10. It wasn't what I was expecting, but still very insightful and funny about the stuff pertaining to love. It was so awkward that I felt normal. (you can stop laughing now)

Catch y'alls round,

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