Sunday, August 23, 2009

If it had been up to me, I would have seen the feller myself, or so I thought. Well, really, said to myself. Quietly. An outspoken thought. So, I would have seen the feller myself. What feller? The one my sister told me about.

This spectacular evening, as I lay sprawled about the carpeted floor lazily watching Miss Congeniality 2 with my mother, I received a call. This call was from my sister. I'll skip to the good stuff. She said that someone texted someone and it involved me and someone who thought I was "hot" at a party last Friday. Yessum, "Hot". Me. ME?!
Believe it or not, it was I that they were referring to. I would have you know I straightened my hair AND applied make-up and was on my best behavior- until I started drinking and ate a few hot cheetoh puffish looking balls.

Amidst that drinking and hot cheetoh stuffing someone took a notice of me. Someone thought that stuffing whole hot cheetoh balls (which are QUITE large) without trying to break it up and close your mouth and try to chew without opening the mouth, was attractively HOT. Picture a hamster with its little tiny pocket cheeks entirely full. Now picture my face. Now picture it like it's filled with hot cheetoh balls. Ok, now let it sink in., right?

On completely other note. I just picked at my earring crust. You know, the gunk that gathers behind those beautiful diamond-like studs that so many people compliment and take note of? Well, after picking that gunk and wiping it off on the sofa which sat in front of me, I smelled my fingers. BAD IDEA. Do NOT smell your fingers after picking earring gunk.

End of story.

p.s.- I am in love with<<ANJULIE's music>>. You may recognize her from MTV, or (in my case) from the Starbucks display case nearest you. She's great.

End of story.
for real.

Oh, and sorry for being m.i.a., I know how many of you simply adore my stories.

hugz and kissez

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