Thursday, August 6, 2009

Currently reading a book about a woman. Some may call it a biography.

More specifics? She is from Iran, she teaches an English class, she is discussing the politics in Iran involving the government and even more importantly (or interesting in my case) woman's rights. She is doing all this while talking about her journey of life (the part that she has experiences already). The setting is mainly near Tehran, being that she taught at the University of Tehran.

It has a lot of substance, a lot of interesting aspects and I am learning a lot about not only Iran and its intricacies and total bullshit laws, but about revolutionary authors. Perspective. Mine is changing constantly, but that's not new.

So I'm reading thaaaat book, then I'm going to try to continue reading Gonzo, and finish my mini text book on dreaming and tackle all those other books that have been gaining dust on the shelf.
Online life has been intriguing me- mainly how bloggers blog. I've been collecting information, making my observations, learning things here and there.

Other than this, I have been hanging out with cats. Lots and lots of cats. Surprisingly, I am pretty happy hanging out with cats. My future is looking bright.

Pat me on the head,

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