Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scanning the aisles. It's 11:43pm and I am standing in the middle of the local grocery story trying to decide what I should buy. Do I need anything? Not particularly.

My thought process...
"what should I buy?"
  • ...my legs are kind of ehhh right now, razor blades would be good
  • who are you trying to impress?
  • hmm, good point.
  • nectarines?
  • yeah, those are pretty good
  • should you really be eating?
  • good point. I was 136 again on the scale- but that was WITH clothes and a cell phone...and sunglasses.
  • my nose has been burning, maybe face lotion? with an spf?
  • LOOFAH! I love those. They kind of tickle.
  • do you WANT to be washing your body in bacteria?
  • ...they do tickle though
  • ohh shampoo...the pomegranate scented one looks good AND smells good
  • do I need mascara?
  • is there a difference between organic and non-organic burritos?
  • POPS! the pita chips!
  • AND frosted covered mini wheats MMmmmMmmMm

Walking up to the register, I scanned the wall of sweets, went to grab a bag of peanut m&ms but at the last minute hit my hand with my other hand and said NO! The man asked me how my finds were, and I said..."fine".

I rubbed my eyes, looked at what I was wanting to buy, and then tried to enter my mother's phone number into the little machine so that I could receive my "rewards". The number was difficult to input. I felt like I was high. Everything seemed so interesting around me. The clerk guy said something and I looked at him. He reminded me of a guy from Family Guy. I remembered I was supposed to be putting in the number. It was like I put in a digit or two, cleared one, then put in another.

Finally my time at the check out was done. I grabbed my bags and walked to my car where I caught the remaining minutes of Love Line and willed my legs to push pedals and get me home.

At Vons I bought: 5 nectarines, a pack of razors, a loofah, frosted covered mini wheats, POPs!, 2 Burritos and Pomegranate Burts Bee Chapstick.

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