Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I will be a LUCHADOR! ...or whatever those fighting people are called that wear masks and aren't in the WWE. SMACK DOWNS are in my immediate future.

no, not really.

I actually decided for sure that I am going to work with kids that have mental and physical disabilities. My entire life I have been surrounded by other people with disabilities, I have my own disabilities and I really feel like I connect well with them. This summer I have been helping a family of autistic youngins and in the process have met many other autistic children as well as other kids with mental or physical setbacks. It's inspiring to meet them and to be able to hang out with them whenever I do. It makes me remember that you can REALLY accomplish anything with a good attitude, lots of hard work and dedication.

On another note.
You are what you date.
think about that one, ponder it, swallow the concept.
ok, lets move on.

I have officially moved into my mothers home. My furniture (bed, dresser and desk) have finally made their way over. My room is amazing for having only existed for a day. I am in love. Again. I love organizing new rooms. Have a room needing organization? Call me. I will help/do it pro bono. That means for free. I learned that from the move I Am Sam. Great movie. Highly recommend it.

On another other note. Stay away from Turkish folk. and a lot of other folk. I strongly dislike dudes that think they can boss around women. Especially when it's me. I don't enjoy being bossed around by dudes that think that it is their god given right to tell me what to do. F the F off.

ok, well, HEY! lets play the guessing game. We'll start with you. Try to guess what I am talking about. Wow, that's bossy. It's ok because it's meeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 *heart*

Ok, well I will be
Playing in my room for a bit,


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