Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jack/Crap/Jerk/[whatever you want to call it]-in-the-box. I know what you may be thinking. GROSS. VOMIT. DIARRHEA! Committing my bowels to hours of doom for a few moments of joy. You are oh so wrong.

Let the journey begin.

Well, I have been introduced to dear ol' Jack's JALAPENO POPPERS and let me tell you, they are WONDERFUL. I mean, a little green Jalapeno filled with some sort of delicious filling and with ranch to dip it in? The perfect blend of a spicy buzz and creamy goodness. Possibly a god's gift to the world. And the best part? You can get 7 of these delicious little popper's for $2.99. Can I get a HECKA HECKA YEAAAAH? thank you, thank you.

Other than that, tonight I discovered a very local and very much 24 hour donut store RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER FROM MY HOUSE. Can I get a WOOT WOOT?! thank you, thank you. My sister and I were going to a different, earlier discovered 24 hr donut store when I saw the neon lit sign- *DOUGH BOY DONUTS- 24 HR*. I could hear the Bzzzz zzzz from the sign as we drove past the first time on PCH.

I screamed in joy.
We did a bitch flip (U-turn) and were pulling into the parking lot within moments. This also happened to be the moment in which we discovered that this was the same parking lot that just so happen to also have the 24hr Jack-in-the-box. Heaven? Quite possibly.

A night of donut holes, cream puffs and Jalapeno Poppers= :)

On a another note, I am planning my move away from my little Huntington Beach room. The room that happens to be where I reside at my dad's house. All I have to do is like, raise ummm 1,000 or so dollars first. It also probably means that it is time to get a real job again. One that I go to every week.

I want to move somewhere that I can use public transportation and walk to get everywhere. My car has been broken for more than a "several weeks" and I don't miss it in the least bit. It's just chillin' in my mom's driveway a few miles away.

So my new goals:
  • get a job job
  • go to school
  • move out

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