Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yesterday I wore my converse to school.
I hadn't decided if I was going to look for a ride,
or walk the ten+ miles home from CSULB.
So I wore the shoes.

I ended up asking a friend to breakfast.
We first went to coffee cup, too long a line;
we ended up at Eggs Etc.
Fun little place it was.
Weekday special= excellent for 4.99

A quick jaunt home
hop, skip and maybe a jump (or two)
and then we were in Echo Park
at the Time Travel Mini Mart.

Walking the street (not scandalously)
we found shoes, graffiti, and doodads unmatched.
A few streets down
A couple homeless people later
A sip of Horchata
and a full sun set into motion
we were back at Kramer.
He missed us.

Traffic forever, and ever and ever.
Memorial Day Weekend.

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