Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today I discovered that the mood ring I bought from the Time Travel Mini Mart actually works. Me and my friend had discounted its accuracy after days of the ring just being...blue, or green.

Well, today I was wearing it and I felt really---off. I was hanging out with two friends and we had gotten Mexican food and then went back to one of their rooms to hang out for awhile, when I looked down at my hand.

I almost screamed.

My ring was red for awhile which is "nervous, anxious, fidgety" and then turned a deep black-like color which is "tense, angry, stressed." That definitely did not please me. I felt lost, more lost than I have been feeling lately.

My dear friend started pulling out her kid stories from the book case nearby and read to me. She read the Little Engine That Could and the story about the mouse and cookie and a Knock Knock story. My mood started to go back to normal, to the blue color. The desirable blue color- "happy, cheerful, jubilant, playful."

We had ring checks every half hour or so for the rest of the night.
I am pleased to report that it remained in a safe color range from then on.


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