Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Trip.

I visited San Pedro on Memorial Day with one of my many fun friends. We hit up a little coastal spot that was down the street from the notorious Sunken City. We were going to go cruise over there (to Sunken City), but I'm still working on my courage on going against THE LAW.

I'm such a wimp,
I know.

I made friends with a bunch of families that were there, and helped them catch little crabs (just for fun). We let them go after, don't worry. :)

The only picture I took of myself that day, surprising, right? I was watching said friend investigate the Seal-like thing that was ahead of me. We weren't sure if it was dead or not. Unfortunately it was. (Dead)

I enjoyed watching this family, especially the little girl. She was really funny.

Super steep, slightly unstable stairs that took us to the coastal action

My feet.
An album is never complete without a picture of them.
Yuh feel me on that one?

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