Friday, May 1, 2009

in a funk.

Wednesday night I had my friend Jlee over at my house. We (Jlee and me) had just got back from an outing and walked in the kitchen to find my dad there, so I introduced them.

"Hey dad, this is Jlee. Jlee, dad. Dad, Jlee is basically like, one of my new Bffs fo' sho."

My dad responded with some thing along the lines of like: "Well, I'm not so sure Christina. Has she experienced you in all of your moods? The bad ones?"

I gave him the puzzled look of what the heck could you possibly be talking about, I am always the nicest most bestest person in the whole entire universe! He then looked at Jlee and informed her of how apparently many have tried to be one of my "good" friends and that many have (obviously) failed in their quest to do so. I am incredibly difficult to hold onto, I have many thoughts that are spoken aloud, angles in my character, and quirks...more than anything.

I then asked her (Jlee) if she had seen me in any of my most horrible funks. She thinks she has. We shall see. I know that my BFF'er Chelsey has, that is for sure. Noooooo doubt about that one. (Thanks Chelsey)

Fact about me:
I can be wonderfully nice and kind hearted and all that bullshit, but when I am in a bad mood it is horrible and I recommend you leave me alone. It will do you no good to be around me when I am that way. Usually I can sense my funk coming on so I attempt to isolate myself from the rest of society. I do that because I still want friends at the end of the day and if I continue to hang around you will probably hate me. Me leaving is for the best, so do not be offended. I apologize if this has ever hurt feelings/pride.

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