Friday, May 8, 2009

First off, I want to be a diva like her:

Secondly, I am still madly in love with The Kooks. I cry of happiness, and longing, when I think of their show that I went to. A girl can wish, and dream. I know this, because I do.

It's looking like today is going to be an amazingly fun day. I can feel it already and it is SO incredibly early!

Oh, and last night I decided to catch up on the new 90210 (DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME!) and I didn't finish it. I woke up on the couch this morning in a funky position with the TV still on, mocking me, of course. I need to learn how to watch TV/Movies without falling asleep.

summer goal:
  • watch tv/movies without falling asleep


  1. Well I used to have that problem too. I would fall asleep at strangers houses all the time or in movies where I just paid $10. FML. Buuuut then I just got over it. So there's hope. :)

  2. Does it confuse you that I "published" my post at 8am and you commented at 7:54am?

    It's basically like, you're playing with time Chelsey.

    I hear that that is very dangerous.
    I commend you.

  3. oh my that makes me excited. I love the concept or time or lack there of. One might ask, what is time? When is time? Is it all around? Can one transcend time?

    Let's try and time travel this summer. I'll start researching it.