Thursday, April 23, 2009

some stuff you may want to know

I found out why my room smells: they put the shitty kid clothes in my room. The shitty kid clothes were just discovered under the towel I had casually tossed unknowingly on top of them about a week ago.

My sister pee'd herself in the grocery store. I made her laugh too hard. She came home to change her undies and realized it's been awhile since she last did laundry. Now she's wearing the back up granny panties. Yes, the ones that go up to the belly button.

We're having movie night. Movie Night #3. It's probably going to be Secret Garden. We've watched Madagascar and Closer. It's me and my sister and two dudes. Somehow we always end up getting what we want. It's the charm? ...yeah.

We named the snail that lives on our door step. Sally. Short for Salvador. Inspired by the cat who lives across the street named Lucy. Short for Lucifer. Sally is much MUCH more cooler than Lucy.

Oh, and our gas got turned off because apparently my dad wasn't getting the electronic bill thing sent to him, or something. WE AREN'T POOR! STOP JUDGING ME! The step-mom used the rest of the hot water. GAH.
...but I have stuff to do tomorrow, I'm supposed to be SMELLY?!

I need chapstick. oh wait, I have some. hahaha MADE YOU PANIC! not.

Sally the Snail:

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