Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nap Time.

I am very conscious of my energy. I was reminded of this as I prepared myself to take a nap just now.

Scurrying about my room I was trying to find every basic necessity I may need in case I woke up and needed something. You might be thinking, well why don't you just get out of your bed if you need something during the napping time? And that is a mighty fine question to ask, I ask myself that all the time. BUT, my friends, and this is a big but, WHAT happens if during that nap time period I had achieved the perfect temperature/feeling/all around state AND WAS FORCED TO LEAVE? Yeah. What happens then? It may be unachievable at another time/moment. Yeah. I am worried of ruining that, in case it happens (and it commonly does), and that is what forces/motivates me to prepare better for napping times.

Before napping periods I use the restroom and I collect the following numerous items to put beside my bed. I also change my clothes, which is a process within itself.

Items For Bed Area During Napping Period:
  • Cellular Phone
  • Bottled Water
  • Snack item (today: chips)
  • Gum
  • Book to read (today: Night)
  • Radio remote to control the radio with to skip cd tracks, change to radio, etc.
  • CD player in case my mood shifts and I need something else to listen to
  • Notebook/Journal in case I get an amazing idea/story/something to write down
  • Numerous blankets of varying thickness
Napping Wardrobe:
  • Pajama Pants
  • T-shirt
  • Comfortable conservative underwear
  • Sports Bra/Tank Topish undershirt
  • Socks
The clothes are important. I start the nap in warm clothes, but am ready to start taking off layers in case it gets too warm. Also, the clothes are important because if (in the off chance) I forgot to lock my doors, or there was a locking of the door mix-up and the door remained unlocked when thought to be locked, I would not want someone to catch me in the nude. I mean, right? So I must have the appropriate, most comfortable, clothes on/nearby for the best safe napping environment. Clothes are also important because what happens if there were a fire/natural disaster during your nap and then you had to leave suddenly and a news crew comes to capture the scene and you end up being that ONE person who was "girl saved from burning house while napping naked"- that would be no good. I think, anyway.

Typically when I nap I lock my doors. The locking of doors is important to ensure privacy and a good, quiet, constant napping environment. There is nothing more annoying than parents/sisters/brother/others popping into your room to disturb you from the (what may be) best nap of your life. Am I right?

Now you ask what about bedtime?
Different story.
Whole new routine.
MUCH more serious routine.

...now I may nap.
Be back in two ish hours.

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