Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today Jlee and I went to Boudin's in Costa Mesa. We had New England Clam Chowder in Sour Dough bread bowls. Basically delicious, but a different type of delicious than used to describe the $1 Cinnamon Rolls we ate at Ikea, also in Costa Mesa. It was a great meal, we will be going back.
Oh, and Jlee saw the catering advertisment picture and decided she wanted it [the cater plate] because of the :::drum roll please::: CHEESE. Yeah. For the cheese. Maybe (I will) have a get together and be sure to get it, just for my friend. The things I do.
Oh, and another OH, I browsed the Ikea page. And well, I realized I have been missing out on the full Ikea experience. All these years I have only been enjoying the daytime Bistro/Cafe food after buying assorted goods, when I COULD be going at night for the Restaurant deals and buying of assorted goods. I mean, um, Wednesday night 1/2 Ribs for $7.99? I may have to try that. [Sorry, you can eat my cornbread Chelsey]

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