Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I think that it was in January that I got really upset with a guy that I formerly had liked. I started telling him the things that I just COULD NOT stand about him. We got into critiques and flat out honesty and what not and then he told me something. He told me that I was being too needy. Do you know what I told him? I AM needy. I am a human being. We, as a collective species, are needy. There is no doubt about it. Why deny myself? Don't overthink it. Let that thought pass. Move on.

I am definitely not needy, well, the kind of needy that is bad. I think. I just need to be needed.

I think.

or, at least, be wanted around.
...maybe not everyday, but a few times a week.
we don't have to even talk.
just enjoy each others company.
that's what I enjoy.
I enjoy other people's enjoyment.

I (actually) live for it.

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