Sunday, April 19, 2009

Poor Kid.

Driving home from babysitting today I decided to do some errands. I went to Fantastic Burger to see if they had more rings in their little 25 cent machine that I absolutely LOVE.
They didn't.

Then I saw SMART & FINAL extra (something like that) right next door! Apparently it took over the spot that the run down Albertsons was in. So I walk up to the "ENTRANCE" door. A lady that I worked with at Coco's was walking out with her kids and I didn't want to say hi so I started to walk to the far wall when I looked at her kids.

They were "rough housing" and smacking each other and being annoying, like I used to do with my sisters.

Well, the little brother decided to "pretend" to throw the drink he was holding into his little sister's face. Lets just say, pretend did not want to pretend today. The lid to the cup popped off and the brown coke looking soda (ice cubes and all) came FLYYYYINGGGGGG out hitting/splashing the girl in the face and then dripping down to her shirt.

It looked quite refreshing but (I guess) she didn't appreciate it too much.

Her face went from overly joyed to OMG I AM GOING TO KILL YOU to meltdown with crocodile tears forming. The mom hears the sudden change that occured- the bubbly laughter to shocked silence to choked back grunts/ARRGGHing that take place in ultimate decision making time- especially amongst siblings.

We can safely say that my day went from kind of blah to YE-YEEEAAH good. While this was going on I was standing safely in the corner, laughing quietly (for once) to myself. After the incident was finished I simply walked away.

When I was done walking about the store aisles in boredome I exited the other side of the store to find the family outside on the sidewalk. The poor little boy was trying to protect himself "It was an ACCIDENT! The lid wasn't supposed to come off, I SWEAR! I'm SORRRRRRYYYYY." He was doomed, I could tell. The little soda splashed brat had the look of "you are SO going to get prosecuted to the full extent of the Mom Law" and I am quite familiar with that because I've used it many times before.

I had a moment of silence for the little boy, giving him the best of wishes, before I got back into my car and drove away.

Fun, fun.

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