Wednesday, March 18, 2009


While driving to school today I got stuck behind a religous freak's car so I started reading all of the stickers. hmmm...hmmm....uh-huh... mmhhmmm, hmmmm. right? Then I looked at the license plate frame.
It was too good. I started talking to myself instantly. "YOU DO?! I ALWAYS KNEW I WAS A GOD! I'M GLAD YOU CAN SEE IT TOO! I ALWAYS THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO SAW MY GOD IN ME, BUT I GUESS NOT." went on for about ten minutes. Me. Rambling on about myself.

SIDE NOTE: I am the freak driving in her car that is constantly having conversations/singing/talking by/to herself. Sometimes I am responding to outlandish stickers, license plates, lame drivers or whatever. Other times I am cracking jokes and then laugh-crying by myself. I sing, dance, "act a fool"- whatever I feel like. I am interactive. I am by myself. I have a LOT of fun.
I enjoy being in my car.
In my Classic World Lit class there are these two dudes that I am semi-friends with. I don't know their names, but I know that I can ask them questions and mess with their heads. So I do.

Today I walk in and one of the dudes has his feet on my chair! I know, it's not my chair, but it's the chair that I ALWAYS sit in. The one that I have claimed for MY hinie. I stopped in front of it and looked at him and gave the "really?!" and he gave me the "what are you gonna do about it" and I gave him the "you're going to die" and then he gave me the "OMG! what did I just do, take your chair, PLEASE do not hurt me I'm too young to die" and then I sat down. After that I said thanks in the most nice way I have ever heard thanks said... and then I proceeded to ask them about the story that we were going to be quizzed on that I had not read... yet. I'll get around to it, don't worry!

THEN, after class I was walking in the hallway and I heard QUARTER yelled and then I instantly remembered what I forgot to remember last week. Last week I forgot that I saw my old 83 year old Geology professor go digging in the pay phone/vending machines to see if anyone forgot some of their precious change. They didn't. He looked funny. Every time I sit in his class I cannot help but to think of how good a cartoon character he would make.

I continued walking to my car. I was initially going to get my math book and then go to math but then I realized that I cancelled math this morning. So I sat in my car for an hour and doodled and wrote little entries in my notebook. Then I went to hang out with my friends. Then we all had fun and ate lunch and had more fun and then went to class. Which was not that fun. I think I'm the girl in the class that talks a lot and makes the rest of the class start talking because of what I talk about. I'm like, the popular weird kid. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Right now it's ok, but tomorrow I might feel embarrassed. Whatevs, I'll get over it.

Now I'm listening to Of Montreal's song For Our Elegant Caste. It's an odd song. It is also one of my favorites.

Oh, I started a Twitter.
I'm just going to write in it a billion times a day when I have nothing better to do.
Which is often.
not really.

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