Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh memories.

Huck. My only brother. He was born an only child on Thanksgiving when I was in 5th grade. He came home to us and had a rude awakening. We made his life a living hell and he LOVED it. We miss him. He died 12/24/08. :(

Being able to drive the golf cart while visiting some great uncle in Wyoming. I was in 5th grade. My sisters and I had that thing BROKE by the time we left. We felt a little bit bad. We got over it.
Also, see the shirt? It was a leaf shirt. Yeah, leaves, like from a tree. It was my favorite shirt.

Ninetales. Must I say more? It's one of the few things I have been able to keep track of since it came into my hands one fateful afternoon as a youngin'. I traded SO many cards for it. and it was even scratched. I didn't care. It was love at first sight.

Going to YMCA camp in 7th grade. I was the only one to decorate my bed. See the cool one? That's mine. Jealous? You should be. Everyone there was. See those shoes? The white ones? I decorated them. I was very fond of doing that. Buying shoes and decorating them. Ever since 4th grade.

(In the picture: my friends Kristina and Bria, my crush at the time Mark, and my older sister Juli.)
Joining Cross Country in 9th grade. By 12th grade I was the Girl team captain of the Cross Country team. My fastest time was 19:36 for 3 miles. I wanted to run in the 18's, but I got injured. My fastest one mile time was a 5:57. I was like a cheetah, but faster.

Having my house toilet papered. "I HAVE FRIENDS!"
....or were they enemies?

Getting my first job. I began Winter break of senior year in high school. I quit a year later. More along the lines of walked out, to be quite honest. One of the most courageous things I have ever done. While working there I gained three mexican lovers, harassed by old men, and realized how many fat people are in the world.

Graduating High School. Probably one of six girls that wore pants and the only one of those six that wasn't a Lesbo. I was SO happy to be done. Don't look back, ever, just move forward.

Being out of the confines of constant criticism. Being able to speak my mind. A wonderful tool. Realized the first semester of College. AMEN!


  1. this is pretty awesome.


  2. I like how you singled out moments in time that helped shape who you are. It was a nice story with a happy ending because in the end you no longer had to hide the real Christina. Bravo!

  3. hahaha, i lol'd
    "Probably one of six girls that wore pants and the only one of those six that wasn't a Lesbo"