Saturday, March 28, 2009

Movie Time!

Having had some time on my hands earlier I watched Persepolis. I enjoyed this movie more than I initially thought that I would. It's a dark political cartoon based off of the beginnings of the life of Marjane Satrapi, a woman who grew up during the Iranian Revolution. Marjane's grandmother influenced me a lot while watching it, she's so...wise? Also, It's french, so there are subtitles. It has a lot of content, so it involves thinking. You probably will not like it if you do not enjoy reading subtitles and if you do not like to think about what you are watching. Well, there is an English version, but umm, I didn't watch that one. I watched the original.

Then, because I had more time later in the evening, I watched Burn After Reading. Again. Funny, also somewhat political, but in a hidden way. I guess you may say I enjoy learning, and I enjoy movies where I get to learn about something and walk away feeling more knowledgeable.

Excellent, I know.
Other movies I have watched this year in the theatres and enjoyed were The Reader, Revolutionary Road, The Wrestler, Gran Torino and Benjamin Button (though I thought the beginning was a bit too long).


  1. You should watch movies with me then!! I love them and I don't ever have anyone to watch them with. Sunshine Cleaning just came out which is supposed to be amazing.

    and I always have cool netflix movies at home...

  2. this break can be movie time then! I don't like to watch them ALL the time, but I have an interest. Sunshine Cleaning is on my list though, so we can go see that sometime. :)